Slide trend: the bond between Nishiyama Tetsu and Vans

To celebrate the 50 anniversary of Vans, the brand launched a number of commemorative series, which also includes a special series of of vans House activities. From the Book Look, Vans to prepare for the two product lines, which you prefer?
Of vans House activity limited series Lookbook
The series is divided into Korean regional and Festival products two series, the Korean branch of the use of a simple black and white color, with a direct Vans logo and of Vans House. Festival series products have a high degree of saturation with a variety of color matching logo Vans.



Compared to Japan tomorrow’s WTAPS x Vans Vault in the complete series release, other regions have to wait until August 27th to see the “snake leather” series, in September 10th to get started “Crossbones” series of crossed bones. But as everyone knows and WTAPS are inextricably relationship between the trend of ICON Shawn Yue, today’s “six uncle” Le has just received the six double WTAPS x Vans Vault joint season included OG Authentic, LX OG, Chukka Boot LX and OG Sk8-Hi LX three pairs of shoes, all are “Crossbones” series of crossed bones. Shawn Yue also in time in their own Instagram drying out on the foot for everyone to enjoy.
Xishan said, the X Vans Vault WTAPS joint among the most important is that the use of the “Crossbones” cross head Logo embroidery patterns of Sk8-Hi, Authentic and Boot Chukka these three pairs of shoes. And last year’s joint, the joint continued cooperation and Vault Vans high-end regional cooperation, including cooperation, including Syndicate Vans last year, we and Vans joint cooperation has ushered in the tenth year. So I have thought about the use of the symbolic meaning of the theme, in fact, “Crossbones” cross bones this pattern is 10 years ago, WTAPS and Vans for the first time to use the theme of joint cooperation. So we choose to return to the starting point of cooperation, and then make exquisite production. In addition, the use of printed on the T-shirt pattern, jacket is covered with embroidery, use the “Crossbones” cross the bone of the subject. However, and “Crossbones” series of cross bones is different, Era shoes use is snakeskin leather texture
While for the snakeskin texture design ideas, Nishiyama Tetsu said he also thought that from the “mixed culture and Culture / Mixture”. In the latter half of the last century, the popularity of the unofficial channels through the sale of some of the “bad taste” of the custom shoe trend. This 90s trend is also rooted in my writing, so I used the joint in the “snake leather” this element. With Vans each joint is also a classic Vans shoes as the basis for the modification, for example, compared to the classic Sk8-Hi shoes, the joint in the Sk8-Hi shoes will appear more retro. Initially and Vans cooperation is to uphold the “and Vans hand in hand,” the belief. Later, more and more of their own goods received, the creation is slowly stabilized. I think (innovation is in) from the fan out of things, into the life of their own familiar, simple things.

VANS Shoes 2016 NEW, Selling cheap, Unique charm


The skate brand vans shoes comes at its 50 anniversary, and recently they invited Walker Kyle, a professional skate from the United States, to take a video of a skate board and to introduce its signature style professional skate shoes. The shoes, for a total of four kinds of color, the soles of Fu Hua vans Wafflecup submerged the whole package, not only bring better stability and durability, can provide excellent grip to achieve unparalleled in experience, for the interested friends skateboarding is absolutely a good choice. It is reported that the shoe has been listed on the global synchronization.

Do you remember from last year has swept the Yokosuka coat? The thick Japanese style of embroidery is one of the reasons to love Yokosuka. Cheap Vans Shoes Sale Japan recently disclosed a 2016 in autumn and winter series of shoes preview, the Yokosuka embroidered slip on the most dazzling, the release of the two modelling for satin fabric, the red and blue were thorn dragon and tiger embroidery, believe like Yokosuka style friend has not controlled!

However in addition to the classic dragon and tiger embroidery and flagship strong Japanese hand drawn style series, this series is created by denim’s old skool and slip on, reprint Japanese traditional hand-painted spray, totem, vans e-street shoes weave and pattern design topic there.

Vans Vance has become the trend of the darling, each section of the shoes is a distinctive personality and publicity of the vitality of youth, boosting the in the hearts of the people of the blood surging, become a lot of people rushing to have “love”. Wear a pair of lively, playful, colorful vans shoes, easy to walk in the grain fragrance, the red maple leaf gradually embrace of nature, it is very beautiful enjoyment. Whether to travel or do exercise, Cheap Vans Shoes Sale is one of the best choice. Fashion, good-looking, jeans with a classic, take a pencil pants without.VANS Vance in 2016, the new is beautiful and fashion people will enter a single product.
Shoes is hip hop street style, embroidery Qipao is Chinese style, the style of these two things poles apart, wearing occasions and love far away from the crowd, and opening ceremony and vans launched the Qi-Pao (transliteration: Cheongsam) series of put the two together, and it looks like the effect is good. Vans Shoes Sale are vans classic “kicked” shoes, the upper is made of decorated with embroidery, silk fabrics, pink, red and black three choices. One of this as the opening ceremony on the theme “China” in the project, to the rest of the world provides a try “shoes” opportunity.

Vans The new joint running shoes

Immediately following the Old Skool LX OG, Losangeles Street shop Blends and Vault Vans continue to bring a joint new work. This time select vans retro running shoes as modeled by luxury full black quilted leather uppers to highlight the vault regional high-end positioning, on both sides of the to the classic sign low-key decoration, to comfort ULTRACUSH air cushion techniques blessing and collocation flat wax shoelaces and echo of the vans shoes body rubber outsole and. This pair of shoes will jointly to the earlier Sole Classics x Vans Vault OG Runner LX “Kitchi” together in June 25 release.



Game fans, it’s time to upgrade! Vans and Nintendo’s super cooperation series is about to be listed. The co – series products cover shoes, clothing and accessories, and Nintendo fans to celebrate the classic video game. Vans this will be presented exclusively Nintendo logo 8-bit game characters, including Super Mario (SUPERMARIO), ducks (DuckHunt), Da Jingang DonkeyKong and the legend of Zelda (LegendofZelda). In addition, Vans Shoes Sale will be the first generation of Nintendo remote control console game machine as creative inspiration, into the design of the entire series. The series will be listed in June 3, 2016, became the different ages of Vans lovers and Nintendo game fans favorite choice.



Discount Disney Vans Shoes recently announced the launch of a series of products with Disney cooperation, work together to launch a wonderful journey, jointly launched the “at Heart Young” series of cooperation. The cooperation in a series of divided into two parts of Mickey and his friends and Disney Princess, combining the Disney family classic characters and vans classic shoes, together for the vans lovers and Disney fans take to full of childlike innocence of the design. In this series, Mickey Mickey and Minnie Minnie in vans designer’s help, were put on the red and pink shoes, has been holding a jar of honey Winnie in vans classic shoes authentic will hand slide appears, and reckless Donald Duck is roaring attitude to appear in a series of clothing and authentic. And later on the listing of the princess theme of a single product to meet every girl’s Pink Princess dream.